What to do when A Vendor Won’t Accept My Foreign Credit Card

Article written by USA2Me.com Let’s throw you into a situation. You’re online and shopping for clothes on a well known site. You’re browsing and browsing and find a lot of things that you want to buy. So you add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. Everything seems to be going fine up until the site asks you for your billing and shipping address. Naturally, you put your home address, which is in a different country as the vendor. Suddenly you get this red warning message saying the don’t accept your credit card! What will you do? Here’s a simple solution. It really doesn’t matter if your credit card is issued in your own country or the vendor’s country. The thing is, the billing and shipping address you enter into the site has to match the country the vendor is in. You obviously can’t lie because the package will never end up in your hands. What you should do is avail of a mail forwarding service. These services will give you an address that you will enter in the site, this will be the forwarding address. Then your purchase is sent from the vendor and to the forwarding address where it will be accepted by the mail forwarding service. Then from there, the mail forwarding service will send it from the forwarding address to your home address. And presto, you get your purchases with no hassle! It’s a simple solution to your online shopping setback. Never again will you have to worry about your credit card getting rejected.

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